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SSMA female 4-pin soldering connector for PCB application DC~18GHz
SSMA female 4-pin soldering connector for PCB application DC~18GHz
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The SSMA (Subminiature SMA) RF connector is a type of coaxial connector widely used in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) applications where high-frequency signals need to be transmitted and received. Here's a description of the SSMA RF connector and its features:

  1. Design and Size: The SSMA RF connector is a subminiature version of the SMA connector. It features a threaded coupling mechanism, which ensures a secure and reliable connection. The connector has a compact size, making it suitable for applications with limited space on the PCB.

  2. Frequency Range: The SSMA connector is designed for high-frequency applications. It supports a wide frequency range, typically up to 27 GHz, making it suitable for a variety of RF and microwave applications.

  3. Impedance: The SSMA connector is designed to maintain a constant impedance of 50 ohms. This impedance matching is crucial for minimizing signal reflections and maximizing signal integrity in high-frequency applications.

  4. PCB Mounting: The SSMA connector is specifically designed for PCB mounting. It features a solder connection that allows it to be directly mounted onto the PCB. The connector is typically mounted through a plated through-hole (PTH) or surface mount technology (SMT) process, depending on the specific PCB design.

  5. Applications: The SSMA connector finds applications in various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and test and measurement equipment. It is commonly used in RF modules, PCB antennas, microwave devices, and other high-frequency PCB designs.

  6. Performance and Signal Integrity: The SSMA connector provides excellent electrical performance, low insertion loss, and low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), which ensures efficient signal transmission and reception. It also offers good shielding effectiveness to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and maintain signal integrity.

  7. Durability: The SSMA connector is built to withstand repeated mating and unmating cycles. It is designed for high durability, ensuring a reliable connection over the connector's lifespan.

  8. Compatibility: The SSMA connector is compatible with other SMA connectors, enabling easy mating with SMA connectors in various applications. However, it is important to note that due to its smaller size, the SSMA connector has a lower power handling capability compared to the standard SMA connector.

Overall, the SSMA RF connector is a miniature coaxial connector designed for high-frequency PCB applications. Its compact size, excellent performance, and durability make it a popular choice for transmitting and receiving RF signals on printed circuit boards.

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