Urgently Seeking SI Engineer for High-Speed Interconnect Cable Assemblies


1.Design high speed cable PCB, create Signal Integrity pre-layout and post-layout.

2.Perform specific SI simulation to do it right at first time and eliminate risks within very tight schedule.

3.Perform signal integrity measurement or simulation to analyze and support external and internal customers and team members.


1.Bachelor of electronics or commumicatioins engineering or related fields;

2. Understand signal integrity parameters and specification range;

3. Two or more  years above work experience of high speed PCBA development, SI simulation software, board design and hardware debugging experience;

4.Familiar with lab instruments such as scopes, TDRs, VNAs, and so on;

5.Proven result driven performances and able to work independently under pressure;

6.Fluent English in writing, speaking , listening and reading


If interested, please contact Zemin Liu at zemin.liu@ezcontech.com of call 13328193513

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