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Anteral Makes it Easy to Integrate Microwave Radar Solutions into a Wide Range of Applications
 Aug 09, 2022|View:155

Anteral has been developing microwave radar solutions with the aim to make radar technology easier to implement. They are offering these solutions under the uRAD brand. uRAD is an evaluation platform to help users develop new and innovative applications based on radar technology. With uRAD, users will be able to develop and create new applications for industry, smart cities and much more, such as area scanner, robotics, traffic monitoring, people counting, vital signs, etc.

Key Features of uRAD products:

  • Three frequency bands: 24GHz, 6  GHz and 77 GHz

  • Detection of range, angle, velocity and SNR

  • Open libraries and software: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python

  • Flexibility, robustness, accuracy and cost

  • Custom radars can be requested.

Under the uRAD brand, five different standard products are already available at three frequency bands. Two of them are specially designed to work with open platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, although, thanks to its open software and libraries, all models are easy to control and to integrate in larger projects. Therefore, uRAD radars are perfect tools for developers or students of all ages.

ModelFrequency (GHz)ChipsetConnectors
Field of View (°)Accuracy
URAD ARDUINO24 - 24.25BGT24LTR11 (Infineon)Arduino Shield30 x 304 cm
URAD RASPBERRY PI24 - 24.25BGT24LTR11 (Infineon)Raspberry Pi Shield30 x 304 cm
URAD USB24 - 24.25BGT24LTR11 (Infineon)USB UART30 x 304cm
URAD INDUSTRIAL60 - 64IWR6843AoP (Texas Instruments)USB UART - SPI160 x 1601 mm
URAD AUTOMOTIVE76 - 81AWR1843 (Texas Instruments)USB UART - SPI120 x 401mm

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