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Amphenol RF Expands its SMP Portfolio with a Commercial Cable Plug for 0.086 Cables
 Dec 24, 2021|View:55

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of the SMP product series with a new right-angle cable plug designed for easier assembly and improved performance. SMP connectors are ideal for telecommunications and military applications which require compact, secure RF interconnect.

This new commercial product utilizes the standard SMP interface and provides a high-frequency solution that offers reliable performance up to 26.5 GHz. Designed for 0.086 semi-rigid, conformable or flexible cable, it is constructed using machined beryllium copper for the body and contact, with PTFE used for the insulator and spacer components.

The recently released right-angle SMP plug joins a robust portfolio of connectors, adapters and cable assemblies designed for high-frequency applications. These products are compatible with all industry-standard interfaces of the same type and are often utilized in broadband, instrumentation and test and measurement equipment.

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