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Junkosha Introduces 50 GHz mmWave Coaxial Cable Assemblies for VNA Connections
 Oct 14, 2021|View:82

Junkosha, a leading manufacturer of wires, cables, tubing, connectors, and injection moldings has introduced metrology-grade coaxial cable assemblies that operate up to 50 GHz. These cables are flexible and can maintain a high level of performance when bent 180° on a 2.25” radius mandrel, with no spring back. They exhibit phase stability of ± 4.5° and amplitude stability of ± 0.08 dB at 50 GHz in flexure alongside strong phase stability with temperature variations.

Key features of these cable assemblies:

  • -These cable assemblies can be bent 180° on a 2.25-inch radius mandrel with no spring back.

  • -They also display impressive performance durability, surpassing 50,000 tick-tock cycles during testing.

  • -These metrology-grade cable assemblies have an insertion loss of less than 5.1 dB, shielding effectiveness of more than 90 dB, and a nominal velocity propagation of 79%.

  • -They are available with a ruggedized port-side NMD connector to ensure reliable connections to a VNA. 

  • -These cable assemblies are ideal for VNA, calibration, and accuracy measurement applications.


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