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RF Coaxial Test Cables for 5G connectivity
 Aug 16, 2021|View:100

5G wireless technology requires frequency ranges up to 18GHz, 40GHz, sometimes even 110GHz.

EZCON telecom offers the RF Coaxial Test Cables designed to accommodate high frequencies required for automotive systems, 5G, and other advanced testing applications.

Why EZCON telecom can be your choice?

1. EZCON telecom knows well about the test cable/microwave cable market.

Just feel free to talk to EZCON telecom sales about the electrical requirements, using the circumstance, or even the equivalent cable, EZCON telecom can come up with a customized solution, EZCON telecom fast delivery time can also speed up your project!

2. EZCON telecom knows well about the cable & connector.

The structure & material will have a big influence on the test cable, as well as the connector, in EZCON telecom, you don't need to worry about the performance whether it's right out of the bag or use for a long time, with proper design, repeated used won't be a problem for you.

3. EZCON telecom help you save money.

 Yes, it's true that RF test cable and cable assembly is quite expensive, but it won't be as high as you expect, however, choose EZCON telecom doesn't mean you compromise with quality, EZCON telecom RF test cable is compatible with the brand cable you familiar with.

First time to hear EZCON telecom? It is time to give EZCON telecom a try, you will get professional service from EZCON telecom!


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