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RF Connector Selection Guide
 May 08, 2021|View:74

When it comes to select rf connectors, making sure your request is the key. The right connector can make your system smaller, lighter, and more user-friendly. So this time we are going to know how to select an RF connector.

1. RF connector:

1) The connector interface is usually determined by its application but meets both electrical and mechanical performance requirements.

2) The BNC is a bayonet-style connector allowing for quick connect and disconnect with a positive locking mechanism, And they are widely used in network system, instrument, and computer interconnection field

3) The TNC connector is the deformation of the BNC connector, which is connected by a screw and used to connect coaxial cables in radio equipment and test instruments

4) SMA connectors are widely used in military and civilian fields such as aviation, radar, microwave communication, and digital communications. Its impedance is 50Ω and 75Ω, and the SMA connectors of 75Ω have a promising application in digital communication.

5)The volume of SMB is smaller than SMA, and it is inserted into a self-locking structure, which is convenient for quick connection. The most typical application is digital communication.

6) N-type connectors use air as the insulating material for low cost, the impedance of 50Ω and 75Ω, and frequencies up to 11GHz are commonly used in regional networks, media propagation, and test instruments.

7) The connectors of the MCX and MMCX series are small in size and reliable in contact, and they are the first choice to satisfy the intensive and miniaturization.


2. Electrical properties

A. impedance:

Rf connector should match the system and the impedance of the cable, not all the connector interfaces meet Ω 50 or 75 Ω impedance, impedance mismatch to cause a decline in the performance of the system.

B. voltage:

Ensure that the maximum withstands voltage of the connector is not exceeded during use.

C. highest working frequency:

Each radio connector has a maximum operating frequency limit.

3. Installation method:

The installation method of the RF connector mainly includes:

For cable, solder type, crimp type, etc.;

For PCB Mount, Through-hole or edge mount, etc.;

For Panel Mount, Flange Or install through the wall.

4. Materials

The connectors are made of brass, beryllium copper, and stainless steel. The center conductor is usually gold plated to ensure low resistance and corrosion resistance. The military standard requires gold plating on SMA and SMB, and silver plating on N, TNC, and BNC. Because silver is easily oxidized, users prefer nickel plating.

The insulating materials are PTFE, polypropylene, and toughened polystyrene, of which PTFE has the best insulation performance but high cost.

In addition to electrical performance, each type of connector has its own unique features, such as: BNC for bayonet connection, easy to install and low price; SMA, TNC series for nut connection, to meet the requirements of connectors in high vibration environment, SMB has The fast connection disconnect function is increasingly favored by users.

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